Coin Catalogue Abbreviations


AJC 1 = Y. Meshorer, 1982, Ancient Jewish Coinage, Vol. I: Persian Period through Hasmonaeans, NY: Amphora Books
AJC 2 = Y. Meshorer, 1982, Ancient Jewish Coinage, Vol II: Herod the Great through Bar Cochba, NY: Amphora
Alföldi = A. Alföldi, 1937, A Festival of Isis in Rome under the Christian Emperors of the IVth Century, Budapest
Balog 1980 = P. Balog, 1980, The Coinage of the Ayyūbids, Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication 12, London
Barkay = R. Barkay, 1981, “An axumite coin from Jerusalem”, in: Israel Numismatic Journal, Vol. 5, pp. 57-59
Bates = G. Bates, 1971, Archaeological Exploration of Sardis: Byzantine Coins, Sardis Monograph 1, Cambridge
Bellinger = A.R. Bellinger, 1940, “The Syrian Tetradrachms of Caracalla and Macrinus,” in: Numismatic Studies, Vol. III
Bernardi 2010 = G. Bernardi, 2010, Arabic Gold Coins; the First Essay of a Corpus I: From the First Issue ~ 65H (Hegira Era) = ~684 C (Common Era) to the Beginning of the Buwayhid Domination 334H (Hegira Era) = 946C (Common Era), Trieste
Bijovsky 1998 = G. Bijovsky, 1998, “The Gush Halav Hoard reconsidered,” in: ‘Atiqot, Vol. 35, pp. 77-106
Bijovsky 2012 = G. Bijovsky, 2012, Gold Coin and Small Change: Monetary Circulation in Fifth-Seventh Century Byzantine Palestine, Trieste
BMC Alex = R. Pool, 1892, A Catalog of the Greek Coins in the British Museum, Alexandria, London
BMCat = Catalogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum, 1873 ff., 29 Vols., London
BMC Pales = G.F. Hill, 1914, Catalogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum: Palestine, London: British Museum
BMC Phoen = G.F. Hill, 1910, Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Phoenicia, A Catalogue of the Greek Coins in the British Museum, London: British Museum
BMC Syria = W. Warwick, 1899, A Catalog of the Greek Coins in the British Museum, Galatia, Cappadocia, and Syria, London
BMC Vandals = W. Warwick, 1911, Catalogue of the Coins of the Vandals, Ostrogoths, Lombards and of the Empires of Thessalonica, Nicaea, and Trebizond in the British Museum, London
Buttrey = T. Buttrey, 1981, “The Roman Coins,” in: Hanfmann G & Scott J. (eds.), Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, Harvard University Press, pp. 90-203
CHL = Y. Meshorer, G. Bijovsky, and W. Fischer-Bossert, 2013, Coins of the Holy Land: The Abraham and Marian Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society and the Israel Museum, New York
CNP = L. Kadman, 1656-1960, Corpus Nummorum Palestinensium, 4 Vols., Jerusalem,
Vol. 1: The Coins of Aelia Capitolina. (1956)
Vol. 2: The Coinage of Caesarea Maritima. (1957)
Vol. 3: The Coins of the Jewish War of 66-73. (1960)
Vol. 4: The Coinage of Akko Ptolemais. (1961)
COHEN = H. Cohen, 1880-1888 Description Historique des Monnaies Frappées sous l’Empire Romain, 8 Vols., Paris:
Vol. 1: Pompey to Domitian. (1880)
Vol. 2: Nerva to Antoninus Pius. (1883)
Vol. 3: Marcus Aurelius to Clodius Albinus. (1883)
Vol. 4: Septimius Severus to Maximinus Thrax. (1884)
Vol. 5: Gordian I to Valerian II. (1885)
Vol. 6: Macrianus to Diocletian & Maximianus. (1886)
Vol. 7: Carausius to Constantine & sons. (1888)
Vol. 8: Nepotian to Romulus Augustus, plus tesserae & cotorniates. (1888)
CRE = H. Mattingly, 1923-1962, The Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum, London
Vol. 1: Augustus to Vitellius (1923)
Vol. 2: Vespasian to Domitian (1930)
Vol. 3: Nerva to Hadrian (1936)
Vol. 4: Antonius Pius to Commodus (1940)
Vol. 5: Pertinax to Elagabalus (1950)
Vol. 6: Severus Alexander to Balbinus (1962)
De Saulcy = F. Saulcy, de, 1874, Numismatique de la Terre Sainte: Description des Monnaies Autonomes et Impériales de la Palestine et de l’Arabie Pétrée, Paris
DOC = A. Bellinger and P. Grierson (eds.), 1966-1999 Catalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection, 5 vols., Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks:
Vol. 1: Anastasius I to Maurice, 491–602, by Alfred R. Bellinger (1966)
Vol. 2: Phocas to Theodosius III, 602–717, by Philip Grierson (1968)
Vol. 3: Leo III to Nicephorus III, 717–1081,by Philip Grierson (1973)
Vol. 4: Alexius I to Michael VIII, 1081–1261, by Michael Hendy (1999)
Vol. 5: Michael VIII to Constantine XI, 1258–1453, by Philip Grierson (1999)
Goodacre = H. Goodacre, 1957, Handbook of the Coinage of the Byzantine Empire, London
Grierson and Mays = P. Grierson and M. Mays, 1992, Catalogue of Late Roman Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and the Whittemore Collection: From Arcadius and Honorius to the Accession of Anastasius, Washington: Dumbarton Oaks
Hahn = Same as MIB
HB = M. Bernhart, 1926, Handbuch zur Münzkunde des Römischen Kaiserzeit, Halle
Houghton = A. Houghton, 1983, Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the Collection of Arthur Houghton, ACNAC 4, New York
Howgego 1985 = C.J. Howgego, 1985, Greek Imperial Countermarks, London: Royal Numismatic Society
JC = Y. Meshorer, 1967, Jewish Coins of the Second Temple Period, Tel Aviv
Leu = E. Leuthold, 1952-1953, “Monete Bizantine Rinvenute in Siria” (Tell Bisa find), in: Rivista Italiana
pp. 31-49, pls. 6-7
Lindgren and Kovacs = H.C. Lindgren and F.L. Kovacs, 1985, Ancient bronze coins of Asia Minor and the Levant from the Lindgren collection, San Mateo: Chrysopylon Publications
LR = R.A.G. Carson and J.P.C. Kent, 1960, Bronze Roman Imperial Coinage of the Later Empire, London
LRBC 1 = P.V. Hill and J.P. C. Kent, 1960, Late Roman Bronze Coinage, A.D. 324-498, Part I: The Bronze Coinage of the House of Constantine A.D. 324-346, London: Spink and Son LTD.
LRBC 2 = R.A.G. Carson and J.P.C. Kent, Late Roman Bronze Coinage, A.D. 324-498, Part II: Bronze Roman Imperial Coinage of the Later Empire A.D. 346-498, London: Spink and Son LTD.
MIB = W. Hahn, 1973-1981, Moneta Imperii Byzantini, 3 Vols., Vienna:
Volume 1: Anastasius I – Justinianus I (1973)
Volume 2: Justinus II – Phocas (1975)
Volume 3: Heraclius – Leo III (1981)
MIBE = W. Hahn, 2000, Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire (Anastasius I-Justinian I, 491-565), Vienna
MIBEC = W. Hahn and M. Metlich, 2009, Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire Continued (Justin II- Revolt of the Heraclii, 565-610), Vienna
Meshorer = Y. Meshorer, 1982, Ancient Jewish Coinage, Vols. 1 and 2, New York
Morrisson = C. Morrisson, 1970, Catalogue des Monnaies Byzantines de la Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Prieur and Prieur = M. Prieur and K. Prieur, 2000, A Type of the Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and Their Fractions from 57 BC to AD 253, Lancastar PA and London
Ratto = R. Ratto, 1930, Monnaies Byzantines, sale catalogue, Lugano
Raynor 1990 = Raynor, 1990, “Numismatics,” in: E. Meyers, C. Meyers, and J. Strange (eds.), Excavations at the Ancient Synagogue of Gush Halav, Eisenbrauns: The American School of Oriental Research, pp. 230–249
RC = D. Sear, 1964, Roman Coins and their Values, London
RIC = H. Mattingley e.a., 1923-1994 , Roman Imperial Coinage, 13 Vols., London: Spink and Son LTD.
Volume I : Augustus–Vitellius, 31 BC–69 AD, by C. H. V. Sutherland (1923, revised 1984)
Volume II : Vespasian–Hadrian, 69–138, by Harold Mattingly, Edward Allen Sydenham (1926)
Volume III: Antoninus Pius–Commodus, 138–192, by H. Mattingly, E.A. Sydenham (1930)
Volume IV/1 : Pertinax–Geta VII and Caracalla, 193–217, by H. Mattingly, E. A. Sydenham (1936)
Volume IV/2 : Macrinus–Pupienus, 217–238, by H. Mattingly, E.A. Sydenham, C. H. V. Sutherland (1930)
Volume IV/3 : Gordian III–Uranius Antoninus, 238–253, by H. Mattingly, E. A. Sydenham, C.H.V. Sutherland (1949)
Volume V/1 : Valerian–Florian, 253–276, by Percy H. Webb (1927)
Volume V/2 : Marcus Aurelius Probus–Maximian, 276–310, by Percy H. Webb (1933)
Volume VI : The Diocletian Reform–Maximinus II, 294–313, by C. H. V. Sutherland (1967)
Volume VII : Constantine I–Licinius, 313–337, by P. M. Bruun (1966)
Volume VIII : The Family of Constantine I, 337–364, by J. P. C. Kent (1981)
Volume IX : Valentinian I–Theodosius I, 364–395, by Harold Mattingly, C.H.V.
Sutherland, and R.A.G. Carson (1951, revised 1997)
Volume X : The Divided Empire, 395–491, by J. P. C. Kent (1994)
Western Roman Empire : Flavius Honorius–Romulus Augustus (395-476)
Eastern Roman Empire : Flavius Arcadius–Zeno (395-491)
Ros. = M. Rosenberger, City-Coins of Palestine (The Rosenberger Israel Collection), Jerusalem
Vol. 1: Aelia Kapitolina, Akko, Anthedon Antipatris and Ascalon (1972)
Vol. 2: Caesarea, Diospolis, Dora, Eleutheropolis, Gaba, Gaza & Joppa (1975)
Vol. 3: Hippos-Sussita, Neapolis, Nicopolis, Nysa-Scythopolis, Caesarea-Panias,
Pelusium, Raphia, Sebaste, Sepphoris-Diocaesarea, Tiberias (1977)
Rosenberger 1978 = M. Rosenberger, 1978, The Coinage of Eastern Palestine and Legionary Countermarks, Bar-Kochba
Sabatier = J. Sabatier, 1863, Description Générale des Monnaies Byzantines, Paris (Reprint 1955)
SNG Dan Egypt = A. Kromann & O. Morkholm, 1977, Sylloge Nummorum Gracorum. The Royal Collections of Coins and Medals. Danish National Museum, Egypt: The Ptolemies, Copenhagen
SNG Milano = R. Martini, 1989, Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Italia, Milano, Civiche Raccolte Numismatiche, XIII.
Aegyptus, 1,
Spijkerman = A. Spijkerman, 1978, The Coins of the Decapolis and Provincia Arabia, Jerusalem: Studii Biblici Franciscani Collectio Maior 25
TJC = Y. Meshorer, 2001, A Treasury of Jewish Coins, Jerusalem and New York
Tolstoi = J. Tolstoi, 1912-1914, Monnaies Byzantines, Petrograd
Visona = P. Visonà, 1993, “The coins – 1990,” in: S. Stevens (ed.), Bir El Knissia at Carthage: a rediscovered cemetery church Report No. 1, Journal of Roman Archaeology, pp. 201–224
Wroth = W. Wroth, 1908, Catalogue of the Imperial Byzantine Coins in the British Museum, London (2 Vols.)
Yashin 2006 = C. Yashin, 2006, From Ascalon to Raphia: City-Coins of the Southern Palestinian Coast, Jerusalem